RITIS Tutorials

Learn how to navigate RITIS, discover new information regarding speed and congestion data, and use certain tools like Trip Analytics.
Trip Analytics - Route Analysis
In today's era of “big” data, Trip Analytics and the Route Analysis tool in particular, provide transportation planners and operators data-driven insights to the route and corridor patterns that passenger and freight vehicles take from and to various geographies.
keywords: Route analysis RITIS Trip Analytics Travel demand modeling Big data origin destination OD CATT Lab
28 Oct 2020 21:24
Trip Analytics - OD Matrix
The OD Matrix tool generates geography-to-geography trip tables based on trip start and endpoints. Zones can be a county, sub-county, or TAZ. Users can filter by date range, time-of-day, day-of-week, and by vehicle class.
keywords: OD Matrix origin destination Trip Analytics Trips RITIS CATT Lab mobility transportation transportation modeling chord diagram
6 Jul 2020 10:58
Trip Analytics - Segment Analysis
The Segment Analysis module will find all trips that traverse a user defined stretch of roadway for a specified date and time range. The results will generate a map-based visualization and OD matrix of where drivers began and ended their trips.
keywords: Origin destination OD matrix Trip Big Data RITIS CATT Lab mobility
13 May 2020 10:46
Probe Data Analytics - Dashboard
Using the PDA Dashboard you can create widgets that allow you to monitor real-time conditions relative to historic trends. Configurable widgets which are available in PDA are (Speed & Travel Time Tbl, Ranked Bottleneck Tbl, Reliability Tbl, MAP-21, User Delay Cost Tbl, Ranked Bottleneck Comparison, Event Count, Clearance Time).
keywords: performance measure RITIS CATT Lab Real-time traffic Transportation Incidents Events MAP-21 Bottleneck
30 Apr 2020 16:16
Signal Analytics - Intersection Analysis
Signal Analytics - Intersection Analysis Implement industry-defined signal performance measures — by intersection, movement, time of day and day of week — purely from vehicle data; no roadside infrastructure required.
keywords: ATSPM signal analytics intersection analysis turning movement traffic signal RITIS CATT Lab Inrix signal performance measure
5 Apr 2020 16:46
RITIS - Event Query Tool
RITIS - Event Query Tool
keywords: RITIS Event Query Tool big data analytics traffic transportation traffic operations center real-time data visualization map
27 Mar 2020 11:25
RITIS - Traffic Map (Real-time Traffic, Incidents and Events)
RITIS - Traffic Map (Real-time Traffic, Incidents and Events)
keywords: Traffic Transportation Events Accidents Incidents Probe data waze situational awareness map mapping real-time traffic operations center CATT Lab RITIS Traffic Map
3 Mar 2020 3:27
After Action Review of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Incident June 20, 2018
Explanation of how RITIS can be leveraged to conduct AARs for incidents. This example shows the June 20, 2018 tractor trailer incident on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge near Washington, D.C.
keywords: AAR PDA CATT Lab RITIS Woodrow Wilson Bridge
3 Oct 2019 23:51
Arterial Signal Performance Measures Demonstration
Demonstration of two Arterial Signal Performance Measures tools in the RITIS Probe Data Analytics Suite, and a discussion of the benefits of finer spatial granularity probe data.
keywords: CATT Lab Signal Performance Measures RITIS ATSPM Arterials
3 Oct 2019 25:52
High-level overview of the real-time operations tools within the RITIS Platform. This does not include information on the historical analytics tools that are embedded within RITIS
keywords: training RITIS 101 RITIS CATT Lab MATOC Transportation TSMO Analytics ATMS traffic operations
23 Aug 2019 1:27:12
AASHTO MAP-21 Tutorials
This is a tutorial on how to use the CATT Laboratory's MAP-21 PM3 Analytics, data exports, and other features.
29 May 2018 32:50
A demonstration of RITIS Platform's Work Zone Performance Monitoring Application.
keywords: performance management RITIS workzones performance monitoring work zones UMD transportation University of Maryland CATT Lab
7 Mar 2017 11:49
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